Mrs Koranteng Business Portfolio 22Janju:  The voice of a girl

There is power in one girl’s voice.  Janju spoke up and made a difference  in her village.  Meet  Janju, a mature, bright and responsible young girl growing up and coming of age against the backdrop of a fictional country in Africa. Traditions, values and ethics all play a significant part in Janju’s upbringing, as she struggles to make her voice heard amid the crowd, calling forth progress and enlightenment for the betterment of her community. Rallying her village and motivating others through their shared cause, Janju shows exemplary courage and resilience in her constant perseverance, and in so doing, reminding us of the common values for which we all must strive.

JanjuA village girl in a city world

The mansions, the lights and the spa- all seem foreign to Janju. Janju’s school is totally different from her village school too. Let’s see how Janju navigates her new world, as she  struggles to redefine herself and find her place amid the city elite. Feeling outcast at school and missing her village, Janju learns what it means to come up against cultural and societal difference, yet again, persevering through the hard times to come of age and blossom as a leader, friend, daughter and a young woman in a story that manages to capture that infectious inspiration and share it with its readers, no matter their background.

Priscilla Koranteng