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Here are a few cool tips that I want to share with you my special special friend



Janju’s Principles:

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is the key to success. Being self-confident without being arrogant will take you where you want to be and is the powerful secret to getting everything you want in life. When you truly believe in yourself nothing will ever be able to stop you.

Be Unique in your own Way

We are all different, we are all unique. That is the beauty of each one of us, so do not be afraid to show your unique side to others. Develop what makes you unique as that is what makes you so special to the world.


Shine in everything you do. Do your best and put yourself in whatever you do. This will allow you to shine and bring out your full potential. Be the star and let your brilliance show.

Brighten your Corner

Let your brilliance shine through and transmit it to others. Brightening your corner means showing your strong points to others and not being afraid to show who you are.


Courage is a very important ingredient to success. Courage means not being afraid to conquer fear; we all feel fear but true courage comes in overcoming it. Fear stops you in finding your true self and realizing your true potential, so act despite your fear and you will get whatever you want from life.


Respecting others is of great importance. To achieve respect you must give respect; it is the basis upon which every good society is founded.

Be Assertive

Finding a balance between being passive and overly nervous is very important. Accepting other people’s opinions is what makes you assertive. Fight for your beliefs but always remember to respect others. Do not be intolerant but work to find the perfect balance.

Love Yourself

Accepting who you are is the first step towards becoming the person you want to be and realizing your full potential. Love yourself first, and then you can love others.

Be the Best You can Be

Transform yourself in the best person you can be. Find ways to improve yourself; pinpoint your weak points and work on developing them to make yourself better. Also identify your strong points and work on making them stronger.

You Have so much in You

We all have talents and we all have strong points. Focus on developing them. Life is a journey of self-development; we are all continuously changing so make sure to work on what’s in you and do not let it fade.

Go For It

Be determined and always follow your dreams. Go for it, and do not hesitate in the path to achieve your dreams. Don’t miss your chance; once you get it go for it. Do not let any doubts stop you and put yourself in everything you do.

Janju  finds herself in the city, lets see what happens

Janju finds herself in the city, lets see what happens next